Ref: First appearance of Ichabod | Ichabod talks for the first time (and bonds with Holly) | Ichabod talks with Nikki and Sheriff Whitebucket | Sheriff Whitebucket (Percy’s uncle) refers Ichabod to Percy | “Hiya, bossman!” | Ichabod transforms into Holly and Nikki (and goes through a lot of exposition) | Yes, they did make a deal involving pizza | First invention with alien equipment | Holly/Nikki hybrid

This recap really only serves to fill in the character of Ichabod, who has been very influential to the series even if his appearances have been limited. Let’s face it, almost every anime or manga I have ever seen has a cute talking animal with some sort of magical power, and that probably influenced Ichabod a bit as I was familiar with a few back in middle school. My wife asked me “how do you make Ichabod chibi? Isn’t he already?” Um, make his eyes bigger, I guess?

Ichabod raises a good point, however: Percy really hasn’t done too much about fixing up the ship yet!

And yes, I screwed up the order of transformations. But the joke’s funnier this way anyway.