Ref: Emotionless 1 | 2 | Storm Spotters | TORNADO! | Why Chris and Nikki were in the hospital | Rescue Mission | Percy breaks down/Why he was emotionless | Nikki the elf’s wisdom as a montage inside of Percy’s head | Chris was loopy

And thus ends Happy Chibi Recap Fun Time. This was an experiment; I wanted to do a recap sequence, but I knew I didn’t want to make “regular” comics for time’s sake and my dignity will not allow me to make stick figures.  I thought I would hate it, but it kind of grew on me.  I generally despise most of the overstereotyped chibi genre, but there are some aspects of it that I like and it was fun to play with them for a change.  It was also a blast making fun of my own strip; if I couldn’t laugh at my own comic, what would I be?  I also learned a lot about drawing by changing my drawing style; this exercise has probably helped me become a better artist. I know Matt Smith’s design will change slightly based on new techniques I learned.  I also learned that making a week’s worth of comics right when school is starting back up is what is typically known as a BAD IDEA.  (Funnily enough, last time I made a week’s worth of comics I was on the road for half of that week and it was a frenzied rush. Apparently I don’t learn…)

Fun fact: this week was originally going to be five chibi strips, but due to time constraints I allowed myself to use a sketchbook on Wednesday as I normally do.  The fifth comic was going to be very meta, involving the che characters pleading for more chibi comics with me emphatically denying them. It was also going to feature Louis giving Jorocks more clothes.  And speaking of Louis (and Pi), be sure to be watching the sketchbooks next month for a special story arc that I made for them!

Anyway today is the last day of Year 4 of Spoofy Randomness.  Tomorrow begins our foray into Year 5!  Come back for the beginning of The Featherhead!  It’s gonna be a great year.