Ref: Nikki’s Room

And Ichabod winds up discovering he has a new power by accident! The irony of this being it was completely unnecessary; with either form he would have achieved the same result. He just doesn’t understand nudity fully yet (but at least realizes he needs to cover up now).

This comic isn’t my best work, I realize. After having my lower wisdom teeth out on Monday, I’ve had a headache and the meds make me sluggish, so the fact that I even got this done is impressive.

Also, if you missed my Tweets and Facebook postings, Louis (who has been very generous with fan art over the past year) has started a webcomic with another one of my friends. It is based off of Pokemon, so Chris approves (plus yours truly will make a few cameos). Check it out at Dumb Pokemon Comics.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~