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Percy’s reaction in Panel 1 is often my reaction when asked to describe my comic. It’s unusual, to say the least.  Percy’s reaction in Panel 3 makes me laugh, as it plays into so many animes and mangas, but at the same time is pretty much his goal.  In Matt’s defense, Jorocks did summon him because he had the tools; it wasn’t as much of a deus ex machina situation.  As for Percy’s line in Panel 5, I originally was going to have him say that it was a cheap toy prop, but then I remembered the BBC likes to make money (and apparently I like to give it to them, since I own three different screwdrivers).  Jorocks’ rage is one of two ways I considered showing him in the regular comic, but went with his more passive approach as it suits him better. All rules are out for chibi time, though.

Can Panel 5 be considered a recap of the comic? That hasn’t actually happened in the comic yet, but it has off-panel… Hmm…

I really like how Matt’s hair turned out in Panel 4. I may have to alter my way of drawing him a bit.  That’s been one of the fun things about doing these chibi comics: I’m learning a few new techniques!