Okay, so today’s SR: Scouting isn’t exactly a comic, but it is something I designed for Scouts.  I have been attending Camp Cornhusker for 18 years (which, among other things, inspired certain comics) and have been on staff for 12 years.  Yet, without fail, there is a new experience waiting for me every year.  This year, one of those new experiences happened to be a camp-wide evacuation.  We had major storms coming into the area (and a surprising amount of advance notice!) and the decision was made to move camp to Humboldt-Table-Rock-Steinauer (HTRS) High School, located about 11 miles north, for the night.  Good thing too, as we had a tornado within a mile of camp that night!  The whole operation went remarkably smoothly; the camp leadership and the Scouts themselves deserve a lot of credit for making this happen so effectively.  The Scoutmasters approached the camp leadership about getting commemorative T-shirts for the first known evacuation, so I volunteered to head that up and came up with this design (not my first time designing a T-shirt; maybe I could turn this into a business if I had time…).  If you come down to camp next year, watch for these shirts!  Also, all proceeds from these shirts will go toward constructing a storm shelter on the camp property.

The camp was featured on the news; you can check it out here.