Refs: Tower Room and bottom bunk | Holy Saigon | Commie-fearing John | The start of Percy and Nikki | PB&J’s | Nikki & Chris | Chris’s balloon | First of many Ninja Jorocks appearances | Nikki and Percy become a couple | Jorocks starts dating Holly

It’s recap time! I’ve gained several readers recently (and hopefully will continue to do so), and I know starting a new comic can sometimes be a little intimidating in terms of archive binges.  While I certainly don’t have the largest comic around, it is somewhat sizeable.  Therefore, to celebrate the comic entering its fifth year, I shall treat you to a week of comics instead of our usual once-per-week to ease the need for an archive binge.  And it will be in chibi form.  This is either going to result in fans demanding more adorable chibi comics or I invoke fan rage and have to move to a cave in the mountains.  Quite frankly, I’m not sure which is worse.

Today’s comic recaps the first story arc quite well (and also brings in a bit of The Spoofy Life).  I couldn’t resist Nikki’s line to Percy.  While that arc was the first time the two characters had met, I didn’t want to dwell on the building of the romantic relationship too long; like a typical newb, I had a story to get to!  And as Percy states, when I first started drawing Spoofy Randomness as an exercise to teach myself to draw, I expected it to last two months at most.  Here we are, four years later and stronger than ever!

Also, Jorocks in Panel 2 makes me want to make a plushie of him.