Ref: Arrow | Headphone phone conversations

Ugh. This process. This was over month long process to try to accomplish. Cliff was already set; he had gotten a six month visa before coming to Egypt that was still valid (this was before things got political between America and Turkey). And yes, the phone menu is literally in an unbreakable loop. All of these things actually happened (plus running out of money on my phone twice in calling Turkey).  I won’t say too much more because this is only Part I.

Even before I came to Egypt, I had started to buy TV shows and movies on iTunes instead of DVD. This turned out to be very helpful because it meant I could have my movie library with me without taking up too much space in my luggage! Since I don’t watch too many current shows, I don’t pay for TV service (even stateside); I just subscribe to the show on iTunes and the newest episodes appear a day after they show on TV. Both Cliff and I are fans of the Arrowverse shows, so we get Otlob orders and have dinner and TV nights until Cliff falls asleep in the middle of episodes. Good times.