Happy Thanksgiving!

Kind of a nifty little mashup of the three comics–thankful for having the ability to bring back Spoofy Randomness as a brand!  And of course you can show how thankful you are that Spoofy Randomness is back by donating to the comic’s Patreon to support the comic through the holidays!

Panel 1 is what was meant to be its own comic when the news was first announced that girls would be able to enroll in the BSA program.  I never had time to make it, so this works.  (Technically Sally can’t join for a couple more years, but the point stands.)  Also of note (I think I’ve mentioned before) is that events in SR: Scouting takes place before SR: Not on a Camel.  And yes, Sally has been part of a co-ed Scouting program before.

Us Americans at AIA are planning on having our own little shindig (along with a few others) at my place to celebrate, which is nice.  And hey, Cliff FINALLY made it into a comic!  Amazed it took this long; he is my counterpart in the science department as well as teaching math.  And he’s from Texas, hence his Dallas Cowboys shirt.

I don’t really have anything to say about Percy. He’s Percy. I am playing as him in the Ultra Moon game, though. He uses a Delibird with Splash. It’s been interesting.