Hey look, SR: Scouting is back! I’ve had this one in my head since 2015 NOAC, but never got around to making it until now. (And yes, I know SR: Scouting is set a few years before SR: On the Origin of Santa Claus, thus before fedora and jacket, but I forgot until it was already inked. We’ll just say Jorocks started revisiting his old style…)

“Have you seen the Arrow” is the question asked before allowing Arrowmen to enter the ceremonial circle. There is an answer that is revealed along the journey of an Arrowman (that I won’t state here). And yes, Jorocks was a Scout, but did not complete his Eagle (unlike the man he was originally modeled after). He was an Arrowman, though.

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The full text of Jorocks’ rant is here:

Oh, yes, of course! I absolutely love the arrow! Stephen Amell is amazing! And the creators love the material so much! They have such respect for the original content! I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Black Canary, though. At least the Laurel version, because Sara is awesome! and of course, it is only right that Brandon Routh plays the Atom. I was super bummed that he left Arrow to go to Legends of Tomorrow, but that’s probably a better fit for his type of hero. it’s really amazing that Stephen does a lot of his own stunts, you know? I don’t think I could get up even one rung of  the Salmon Ladder. And the crossovers are amazing! I was super skeptical of them when they were first announced, because Arrow and Flash are very different shows, you know? And a lot of times crossovers are handled very poorly. But the crossovers so far have been amazing! I can’t wait for next year when Supergirl and crew get to take a bigger role! There’s a show I did not think would take off at all! No pun intended, of course. But it’s basically based on a Superman knockoff, but they did an amazing job with it and Supergirl is really her own character, to the point when they brought in Superman, he didn’t overshadow her. Also, Supergirl’s Superman is way better than the Superman in the movies right now. Even when he was just “AOL Superman”, he was still the best. He’s missing the curl, though! Only complaint. But I’ve gotten off track. I can’t wait to go to a con. I’m gonna get a whole ton of Arrow swag. Except those Pop doll things. Those are creepy and weird. I wonder what a musical episode would be like with Oliver Queen. It would be hilarious! But I don’t think Stephen can sing, so that would be a problem. He could just glare at everyone, though. He’s good at that. I wonder what they’re going to do now that flashbacks are done. I mean, that’s a pretty central part of the Arrow story. Ooh! Flash Forwards! We already know that Flash is active in the 2020s! Maybe we get to see the new Justice League of America! That would be so cool! And get Vixen to help start it! Oh man, I should write a fanfic about this! Except I can’t write. Ooh, I have a friend, Nikki! She’s wanting to be an english major! I bet she would do it! But I can’t pay her, and that would be rude. Pay your writers, people. And cartoonists. Those guys bust their butts to draw pretty things.