Here’s a bit of a change from random road sketches. For my final class for my Chem Ed masters (almost done!), I am taking a course on tech tools for the classroom. Part of our assignment for today was to use one of the tools provided* to make a comic strip. I used Make Beliefs Comix. Of course I had to make reference to Spoofy Randomness. (And yes, as a high school chemistry teacher I am WELL aware that OTHER things can be spelled…)

One aspect of trying new tech is that some is a hit (definitely using a site from a different part of this assignment in A&P!) and some…isn’t. This falls very much under the latter. I was not too impressed by the options in this comic generator; it has very specific use and doesn’t allow much creativity in the characters themselves as most characters have only one to three poses. Plus, as a long-time cartoonist, the word bubbles…EUGH (that’s more me just being picky than a legit complaint like the former).

I went to link to one of the oldest Spoofy Randomness art out there, the logo used way back on the old ComicGenesis site in 2012. Apparently it never made it into the sketchbook after the move! So I had to add it.

EDIT: Removed an extra nitrogen from panel 2, as apparently I forgot to factor in the “n” from manganese.

*I was actually allowed to use my usual design program, but I figured I’d try this instead since mine isn’t exactly student accessible (and it would take too long to make a proper comic).