Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first of the newest selection of the Spoofy Randomness comic brand, Not on a Camel! This will be a series inspired by Mary Cagle’s Let’s Speak English, as I head over to Egypt to serve as the only American teacher at Alexandria International Academy, where I will teach 7-9 science and ICT and will be taught many things!

As for this comic, I’ve been sitting on the idea since shortly after I decided to make a comic chronicling my adventures.  Lots of people had asked me “are you going to do a blog, vlog, etc about your trip” (it’s always a “trip”, not a “life”) and I realized that this would be a very me way to do it.  Em’s line about it being a dark day when I come back to comics is somewhat true; when I finished On the Origin of Santa Claus, I was pretty burnt out on comic making and didn’t ever see a time when I would come back to it. But fast forward almost three years (the 31st of this month will mark eight years since I started!), and I’m ready to give it another go.  When I realized the comic would start right around the eclipse, I couldn’t resist this strip.  (The comic will normally update Wednesdays starting next week, but will be posted Mondays for Patreon subscribers!)

I did post this comic right when the eclipse passed over Johnson-Brock.  It was not a manual update, of course; I was busy in my last role as a science teacher there.  I promised that I would help get the eclipse program going so that the new teachers wouldn’t have to worry about it.  Em and Jason came out all the way from North Carolina to see the eclipse (and all us Nebraska people too, of course) and volunteered to help me out at J-B.  Also, a shoutout to Kayla and Ross, Woody and Laura, and everyone else who volunteered their time to make that event happen!

I leave for Egypt on Wednesday! Here goes!

Edit 4 Sept 2017: Added color