So as noted in this comic, I decided to take Meagan to Mt Sinai for part of her visit.  The first thing we both noticed was the QUIET.  SO QUIET.  This was especially nice for her, because she was not used to the clamoring ruckus that is Alex and found it a little overbearing.

To get to the mountain, we had to fly into Sharm El Sheikh, then a bedouin driver I had arranged for took us around the mountain range (there is no direct path) to the town of St Catherine.  The drive took about three hours, and only had one stop on the whole route. DESOLATE.  Luckily, aside from construction at one point the roads were good, and was actually four lane divided roadway for half of it. And note because I know someone will ask: the current conflicts are in North Sinai, we were in South Sinai, and there are several military checkpoints on the way and especially at the mountain. It was quite safe.

I was fascinated by the landforms.  I teach about unconformities, but I had never seen it so obvious and frequent in the landscape.  It was clear that the mountains had been pushed up at an angle, and the different types of rock eroded at different rates, which was neat as well.  I’ll be using that as an example for a long time!

But outside of geology? It’s a whole lotta NOTHING for miles. Very pretty nothing, but nothing nonetheless. I can’t imagine crossing this on foot.