This is pretty much how that conversation went.  I had mentioned to Meagan about wanting to teach abroad at some point in my life, but actually having the interview took it from dream to reality.  And poor Meagan got caught between her job as a career coach and encouraging people to pursue their dreams and realizing that pursuing said dream means her life just got harder.

But in the end, she did help me, especially with coming up with questions to ask.  🙂  I actually had four interviews that week; two were also at a school system in China, and I was offered that job but wanted to go to a completely different part of the world (I had spent time in Japan in 2014).  I also had applied to teach in the UAE, but took this job before I completed the interview process there.

It’s weird, but I’m actually stressing more about having to interview to get a job when I come back than I did about these interviews…

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