Refs: Finding the key | Light-sensitive switch | Last reference to the Tower Room story arc

Panel 2 is an entire story arc summed up in one panel. This was meant to be an actual story, and evidence of this can be seen in the Tower Room and Secrets of the Tower Room arcs, which were laying the groundwork. It would have worked well too, had I stuck to three comics a week. Pacing is a little different with only posting once a week (silly real life getting in the way), and I felt that it was best to drop that story arc in order to keep the story moving.

I also decided to switch back to three panels (which I have not done since halfway through the first arc; appropriately enough, the strip was about Communists). I felt it matched the quicker wit of a weekly comic better than the four-panel layout. With a bit of luck, it will have the added benefit of being able to produce two comics a week eventually (although I will require a big buffer before I risk that).

Finally, if I ever make a Spoofy Randomness book, you can bet what the bonus story will be!

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~