AND WE’RE BACK! Sort of. Trying out a new series here, and instead of comics it will be the written word. I’ve always been more of a writer than a cartoonist, and it’s high time I started doing something with that. As mentioned in the story, one of my inspirations has been Pat McManus (writer for Outdoor Life and The Blight Way series), and I have lived a somewhat unusual life that several people have said I should write about, so why not?

This style does run into a similar problem as Not on a Camel did, in that I’m actually writing about real events. Well, sort of. Everything I write about will in some way be rooted in real events, but, as per the title of this series, it by no means should ever be interpreted as exactly how it actually happened! Also, the people mentioned are more or less totally fictional, and I will often lump multiple people into one character partly for the sake of privacy and partly for the sake of not having a ridiculously large “cast”. So don’t bother with the “guess that person” game because that character will probably show up again as some wild exaggeration of somebody else. Obviously, this is directed at people who know me in real life. If you are one of those people who have stumbled upon this site because of some reason outside of me shamelessly plugging it to all my friends on a regular basis, HELLO AND WELCOME! Regardless of who you are, I hope you will enjoy this little trip into my own personal insanity.

Because the world is the way it is and this is not my day job (probably a good thing, given how little I’ve ever made off of the previous comics) and because I don’t want to burn out of material too fast, I will be making this a monthly posting, but hey, there’s more words in each chapter than a month of On the Origin of Santa Claus even in its heyday!

I’m currently planning on posting these as PDFs like you see here as that seems to work best with how I’ve formatted this site, but if you can think of a better way I am certainly open to ideas! (Remembering that I am horrid at programming, of course.)