This comic had several edits made to it. For starters, the wall/door behind Nikki was originally going to be a Google SketchUp model. I created it and everything, then realized I had a problem: The doorknob was much too high. The door was all one solid object, so it would have been very troublesome to fix with the amount of skill I currently have at that program. Hence why it was drawn. The reporter also caused me some problems. I went throught about four character designs for her. Finally, I have trouble drawing younger or older people (mostly due to lack of practice), so Megan proved tricky. However, I did eventually apply a trick I learned recently from Dan Shive, the man who got me hooked on webcomics. Headbands make people look younger.

Also, I love bean bag chairs. Just sayin’.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~