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Intermission!  A brief fun break before THE FINAL ARC.

John Troutman’s Sporkman makes a cameo in Panel 2.  I’d been looking for an excuse to cameo Sporkman for a while, as he stars in one of my favorite comics (found here or here).  Incidentally, while it is difficult to see in the panel, Sporky and Roark are at the state capitol of Wisconsin in Madison, the city where many Sporkman stories have taken place.  Troutcave Comics and Spoofy Randomness actually have a bit of history, with a guest strip of mine appearing in Lit Brick (let’s not discuss my unsuccessful imitation of Troutman’s art style, but hey, Spoofy Randomness cameos!), a tweet of mine wound up inspiring the Knorkman, and I commissioned a Blight Way Lit Brick because that is one of my favorite series.  Incidentally, Sporkman’s comment about timelines?  The little guy has messed with his timeline more than the Doctor through various reboots and shenanigans, all of which are canon to Sporkman if I understood correctly.

I considered actually showing Nikki in the shower with the anti-fanservice block, but given that I just used that joke last week…  Or maybe I just like to tease you guys.

Come back Monday, when Spoofy Randomness: Anthem begins!