I drew this in May 2012 while waiting for my fiancée’s (now wife) graduation to begin.  Our school had just gotten iPads for the teachers, and I was trying to figure out if it was viable to make comics off of it.  (No, it wasn’t.)  I was playing with this while sitting with my mother-in-law waiting for the UNMC department graduation to commence.  It was held at some fancy auditorium in Omaha (the Orpheum, maybe? It’s been a while) that was rather large with fancy ceiling work that I cannot replicate too well on an iPad using my finger to draw.

But yay, my wife earned her second bachelor’s degree!  She had earned her B.S. in Biology at Doane College (where we met), and this program allowed her to earn her B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences.  I think I’ve got that right, anyway. They keep changing the name.