Flashback Refs: Chris | Nikki | Jorocks

It’s not often I get to reference a comic from way back in 2009 as well as one from the more recent 2012! On the note of years, I actually remembered to change the copyright, even though technically I drew this in 2012. Happy New Year, all!

Couple of notes here. The character in Panel 3 right next to Percy is, of course, Matt Smith. Since that one actor that shares his name changed costume for the most recent Doctor Who Christmas special, Matt of course felt the need to change his as well. He’s done this before. He naturally would be curious about how Percy plans to deliver ALL of the presents, as it likely involves time travel. Sally (Nikki’s roommate) at the other end has no idea that Percy wants to be Santa, so you can imagine her confusion.

I believe I’ve mentioned several times, especially on Twitter, that I dislike drawing sitting people. And I also don’t like drawing crowded panels. So what did I do for Panel 3? Yeah… That panel took me about as much time as the other three panels combined. While not perfect, this version satisfied me much more than the other versions.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~