Refs: Gogol | First appearance of Gabriel | Ding-dong? | Left behind

I know, I know, you all wanted to see elf-Jorocks. He’s still getting dressed. But hooray, Percy now owns the North Pole! Yes, there would probably be a huge pile of paperwork involved.  No, I’m not going to show it.  Paperwork isn’t usually funny.

This wound up being quite text-intensive, which is something I’m working on.  However, in this case I felt it was justified, especially as I cut a large amount of material out to make this whole legal matter go faster, and hey, there’s a lot of details that needed to be presented but don’t need to have a whole arc devoted to them.  If the comic updated three or five days a week, I would have spread that out more, but once a week calls for a different scripting strategy, especially when I know what needs to happen by certain dates.