Welcome to the first INDEPENDENT Spoofy Randomness comic! This is the first strip to be loaded onto spoofyrandomness.com that did not originally appear over at the old ComicGenesis site. Cool, huh?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Occam’s Razor, it essentially is that the easiest solution is usually the correct one. Usually.

This comic really shows the advantage of going to my three-panel strip format; it gives me so much flexibility!  You will also notice that the strip is a little larger than before; I’m letting WordPress decide what the best size for the comic is based on the format of the site and I think it looks a little better.  I may go back and adjust the old comics someday…if I get REALLY bored…

Ran into a minor problem while editing this comic; I had nearly finished when I realized I had forgotten to make a new layer for drawing over my sketch. While I don’t think this error is actually noticeable, when blown up to the size I edit with it certainly was and I was a little worried for a bit. But the crisis turned out to be no big deal.

Also, don’t forget this is Scout Sunday! One of my goals for today is to figure out how to get SR: Scouting over here.