Ref: The Shadow! | The Shadow? | THE SHADOW.

Couldn’t resist the link pattern above. 🙂  It is, of course, a reference to The Gamers.

Nikki is really hard to draw shorter than Percy! She’s a little too tall in this strip.  Her face in Panel 3 as she’s attempting to follow Percy’s example and make scientific observations but at the same time REALLY wanting to look away is priceless.

This comic had its issues.  First, I couldn’t get GIMP to play nicely with my newly installed OSX Maverick.  Then, thanks to Brianna, I got it working and finished the comic well ahead of the deadline…only to realize that in taking that one weekend off, all of my dates were off a week and I had drawn NEXT week’s comic!  Then as I was frantically trying to finish up this week’s comic (by this point, it was already late…), GIMP crashed on me and, being the nincompoop I am, I hadn’t saved my last hour’s worth of work.  But hey, it’s done now and I have a buffer for next week!

No sketchbook this week, though.  I want to make sure the main strip gets some love.