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I’ve been looking forward to making this part of comic continuity for about a year now. First of all, for those of you who don’t remember (and I certainly wouldn’t blame you), that is Chad. I don’t believe that his name has ever actually been said in comic, though. Chad is your do-it-all guy on campus. He’s already been shown as playing a role on the student activities council and admissions (see links above). Apparently he’s shaved his beard off since then. Now he’s running for Student Congress President. I should note that he is a junior at this point, putting him one year ahead of Percy and co. Chad was somewhat based off of myself (I was quite active on campus, but not quite to this extent), but has since deviated.

And now for the pirate thing. Last year on my whiteboard in my dorm, I would have the Spoofy Randomness Character of the Week drawn on it. One month was dedicated to side characters, and Chad was posted. One of my friends decided that it would be quite comical to add in an eyepatch and hook (by college standards, such additions were extremely appropriate compared to the typical additions…). This probably would not stuck if it were not for the Prairie Winds Chapter of the Golden Sun Lodge. On one of their drives, they were having fun with a GPS navigational system’s language settings. Somehow, the meme got started of a Canadian pirate saying “eh, yargh, don’tcha know”, and it stuck for a very long time. Thus, Chad became a Canadian who enjoys dressing up as a pirate. AND NOW YOU KNOW.


Sally is Nikki’s somewhat disorganized roommate and also somewhat skilled at video games, as shown in the links. She is the type who would be active in campus debates and the like, and does serve on the Student Congress. That’s all I’m going to tell you about her for now. Originally, I was going to leave Nikki out of this comic since the arc is focused on side characters, but I realized that Sally probably would ahve brought Nikki with her.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~