Ref: Big Santa | Thomas Gabriel | Shadowy Guy/Gal

And thus draws an end to this story arc after over a YEAR! I felt that it was a good story arc, but technical problems and life sure didn’t…

And oh geez, the proportions on this strip… Still getting used to the iPad for drawing, as you can tell. Not sure what happened to Jorocks in Panel 2, but didn’t have time to redo it. Luckily, I think the dialogue makes up for it! Incidentally, the Reese’s Pieces joke was totally unscripted; it was meant as a one-shot joke the first time and stuck around. I enjoyed it.

Spoofy Randomness will be on hiatus (yes, again, but this one is planned!) starting next week. The next few weeks are going to be very chaotic, as I am traveling to Michigan to work for a national Scouting event, moving into a house with my wife, and starting a new school year. The MAIN reason for the hiatus, however, is to build up a buffer. Spoofy Randomness will return August 31st on a weekly basis on Fridays, and my goal is to consistently update throughout the next year!

Until next time, have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~