Ref: The first strip, three years ago

Three years, baby! Never thought I’d make it this far (and yes, I say that every year, ’cause it’s true).

The original plan was that each year would be a year in college. Given that last year was…spotty…, despite starting the fourth year of comics, this starts the third year of school for Percy, Nikki, and Jorocks (and Chris’s second).

I am also switching to a once-a-week schedule. While I’m not a first-year teacher any more (thank GOODNESS), being a teacher in general is chaotic enough that I can only promise once-a-week updates for the time being. As such, I’m adjusting the scripting to fit in more. Most of you have probably read a strip where story arcs are well written but drag out forever due to the update schedule. Really cool for archive binges, but it’s hard to remember what’s going on week-to-week. I will be keeping this in mind as I plan out the junior year. As for the title, all I have to say is that I felt it was high time to really make use of the comic name. This is gonna be a blast!

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~