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And once again we are back! You may have noticed a change in quality between the last comic and this one. Two reasons: being out of practice (oops) and the fact that this is the first of likely many to be drawn on the iPad. Not exactly the GREATEST drawing tool out there, but for an amateur cartoonist it works well enough and cuts down production time considerably. The latter is a VERY glorious thing.

The future of the comic is as follows: Updates regularly on Fridays until the current arc is over, then the comic will be on hiatus until August 31 to allow me to build a buffer back up (and deal with moving into a house, the National Order of the Arrow Conference, and the start of school). At that point, Spoofy Randomness will be updating once a week on Fridays, and I hope to keep the comic regular at that point.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~