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Proposed Changes

While I would LIKE to see it extend south of N-8 and into Bern, as this would likely improve the road leading to Camp Cornhusker, that is wishful thinking on my part.  What does need to change is its northern terminus.  When the junction of N-105 and N-67 was first designated, N-105 ended at a T-junction and N-67 curved northward a mile west to come up into Lorton.  However, when N-67 was paved it was shifted a mile east, and now N-67 is the one coming into a T-junction, turning north while N-105 stops awkwardly.  Seeing as the highway continues north, I propose that N-67 be truncated to this intersection and N-105 extended in its place.  There is a precedent for such an occurrence; in 2005, N-63 was turned into N-66 northwest of Ashland due to a similar configuration.  I also propose that the new N-105 end at N-2 and the stretch of highway between N-2 and U.S. 34 be turned back over to the state (see N-67 for further details).

Since N-105 is a triple-digit highway and one of my goals is to eliminate such highways, I propose that it be renumbered instead to N-5.  Another aspect of my proposals includes decommissioning the current N-5, leaving this route number open.

Bucket List Status

I have traveled the entire length more times than I care to count.

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