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Proposed Changes

My first change would be to decommission N-67 from state service between N-2 and U.S. 34.  This entire segment is unpaved, and in the times I have driven it, I have never seen another car.  It does not lead anywhere on U.S. 34, terminating in a rural area.  Short of one sign a mile north of N-2, it isn’t even signed beyond its highway intersections, including on curves!  We need to stop wasting state tax dollars on this segment.

The other change I recommend is to terminate N-67 even further south, at its intersection with N-105.  Originally, when N-105 ended at a T-junction with N-67, its terminus made sense, but since N-67 was rerouted to turn north at this intersection, it is odd that N-105 should terminate when the highway continues north and N-67 is forced to take a turn to continue.  Since N-105 carries a three-digit highway number, I recommend that it be designated as N-5 (see the N-105 and N-5 articles for more information).

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