History and Info

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Proposed Changes

N-5 only exists between N-4 and U.S. 136 and does not serve any towns (although Deshler is just to the south of its southern terminus).  It does not cross any county lines.  I propose to decommission this highway, as it serves a very limited purpose.  If the state desired to continue to provide state funding for this highway, I would advise to change it to L-85J.

This opens up the numbering of N-5 for use elsewhere.  I propose that N-105 simply be reduced to N-5.  This highway would also replace present-day N-67 between it’s junction with N-105 west of Brock and terminate at N-2 north of Dunbar.  The remainder of N-67 would be decommissioned.  See the N-105 and N-67 articles for more details.

Bucket List Status

I have not traveled this highway yet.

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