Ref: The last time we saw PB&J’s | Chad and Sally | Matt

This one is for the 2005 LSE Marching Knights; we did Pachabel’s Canon as our marching band show that year. While I’m referencing Pachabel’s Canon, I also want to throw out a link to Rob Paravonian, a comedian that we brought to Doane (mild language warning).

You’ll also notice that this is the first time I’ve used the generic background circle faces. Not usually my style, but I felt it would make my actual characters stick out better instead of blending in. Also, as I was trying to come up with lines for the fourth panel, I realized I HAD to make Matt say “Yowza”. It also gave me a chance to show Sally’s crush on Chad a bit; this was supposed to appear in On A Side Note, but it got dropped.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~