All right, brace yourselves. This is gonna be a long one. Like Dan Shive long (not that it’s a bad thing).

Peanut Butter and Jelly

I feel guilty that we haven’t seen these two in almost a year. PB&J’s Ice Cream was one of the first aspects of Spoofy Randomness (appearing in the first storyline), and was intended to be a local off-campus place for students to hang out. Nikki and Chris are good friends of the comedically named Peanut Butter and Jelly, and as a result the rest of the main cast has been seen there, but other students, such as Sally, have been known to frequent the place as well. They began their business last fall, and last winter added a video game section. Judging by this comic, it has been successful.

In addition, the ice cream shop was my first Google SketchUp. I finished the exterior way ack then, but the interior was left blank until now. I FINALLY finished! It is happy dance time.

Timothy and SR: Scouting

That’s right, for On a Side Note, we REALLY went on the side, bringing in a character that has never appeared in Spoofy Randomness before, but has often frequented Spoofy Randomness: Scouting. SR: Scouting actually takes place a few years before the main comic. In that comic, Timothy is a Lodge Chief in the Order of the Arrow; by this time he has worked his way all the way up to Section Chief. Interesting note: Sally is a Venture Scout (as has been shown), and both Chris and Chad have earned their Eagle Scout (although Chris has not earned it yet in SR: Scouting). Timothy also has his Eagle Scout.

Demons & Dwellings

And Spoofy Randomness just went political again! Well, as political as D&D can get. I originally was having trouble scripting this; the original draft involved Sally having a crush on them both, but I couldn’t figure out who she’d be talking to aside from Nikki, and I couldn’t work PB&J in there too well. The answer came to me as a result of my Wendesday D&D: Encounters session. I recently wrote a review of the new Fortune cards (which can also be found on my blog) that I had the opportunity to test run at my local Encounters gathering (they’ll be officially out in February). The two views here are two of the common views I’ve heard vocalized (although, as my review shows, neither is what I personally consider to be the biggest issue).

Also, I don’t really fear trademark infringements, but it is kinda fun to come up with alternate names.

Technical Difficulties

Aside from the scripting issue noted above, there were other problems with this comic. I’d been on painkillers all week from getting my lower wisdom teeth out, so getting stuff done was difficult. I was finally going to make it Friday morning after scooping the driveway AGAIN…and then my mother insisted that since my swelling hadn’t gone down that I see the dentist again. He told me that all was well (as I knew), but there was my morning gone and I was busy in the afternoon. To top it all off, these painkillers make me forgetful, and I left my power cord for my laptop at my friend’s house. I was going to get it after he got off work Saturday…and then it snowed AGAIN and the roads got really bad, so I just bumped Friday’s comic to today. So yeah, hopefully no more missed comics in the near future!

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~