Woo, another arc down! I enjoyed showing off the side characters over the past month, but next month will be back to focusing on the main cast.

I like how Matt turned out in this strip. I think that he has really captured the Eleventh Doctor’s persona well. The Eleventh Doctor likes to get in people’s face, ramble, and then grin and act like nothing happened, often being accompanied with a slap on the cheek. Plus he tends to whip out the sonic screwdriver for EVERYTHING. Poor Ichabod nearly messed himself when the Doctor accidentally got it right. I also really like the quote (from the Doctor Who Christmas Carol episode of Christmas 2010) because it can be applied to the side characters that might get forgotten otherwise while referencing a character in today’s strip. My complaint on this comic is that Holly appears combative in Panel 2 instead of inquisitive.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~