Okay, I know Egypt is not very advanced economically and there’s many factors in play, but COME ON AMERICA.  Figure out your health care costs! Preferably before I move back, please.

Health care is really cheap here, but don’t take that as a drop in quality.  Alexandria has a great reputation for their medicine, and several European countries will send their doctors here to study.  Also, everything is specialized to the point where there aren’t really general practitioners (which is a right pain in the gluteals when trying to get a BSA health care form completed…).

Aml has been very generous in helping me navigate Egyptian doctor offices, especially FINDING them (not being able to read Arabic makes this difficult for me) and getting appointments set up.  Most places do not book in advance, so that’s interesting.

If you’re not familiar, the character at the end is Jason Fox from the comic FoxTrot by Bill Amend (who is an Eagle Scout!).  For some reason, every single time I go to the eye doctor, this FoxTrot comic pops into my head.  I don’t know why it’s etched itself so firmly in my brain, but now I get to make my inside joke public.

I may be making a retraction on this comic at a later date; I’m having second thoughts about actually getting the ‘eye lasers’. I’m not entirely sure where the phrase ‘eye lasers’ originally came from, but my friend Steffan used it frequently and it stuck.