So this one is a wee bit delayed compared to the actual event; I actually went to the UAE in February, but with the Survival Guide and then Meagan’s trip here, as well as other comics I wanted to make, it got delayed.  I also debated about even showing it since it doesn’t really relate to Egypt, but I finally decided that I needed to show that not all of the Middle East is as third world as Egypt (although there are definitely parts that are much worse too!).

John and I only spent about three days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so it was quite a whirlwind!  Dubai is definitely the most modern city I’ve ever been to, and Abu Dhabi is right behind.  One thing I was fascinated by that didn’t make it into the comic was the diversity; only a small fraction of Emirate residents are actually Emirati.  There are so many different cultures living there from all around the world! And just imagining the political hurdles of having most of one’s country be foreigners is fascinating.

Speaking of John, somehow this is only the first time he’s made it into the comic, and I’m glad he did as he will be returning to his home in New Zealand next year.  He has been a fantastic principal to serve under; I couldn’t have asked for better.  As mentioned in the comic, he did work in Abu Dhabi for some time (and yes, we did drive past where he lived only to find that it was gone), as well as Saudi Arabia.

If you didn’t see the news post below, I am looking for questions for a Q&A segment this summer.  Send them to me!