Well, it’s been over a year since I’ve given a news update. Whoops. Here are a few items of note from the past year:

I have a daughter now! Scout* is almost 5 months old. Needless to say, computer time is limited.

SR: Baloney is dead for now. Don’t expect updates.

There will be some road geek sketchbook updates for at least the next three Fridays. These are very much personal pet projects that only those who are familiar with northwest Lincoln, NE, will understand. I don’t care if you don’t get it; it’s just for fun.

Once summer hits, Scout will still be at daycare (or we lose our spot) and I have taken a step back from my camp commitments to spend more time at home, so I will have a bit more time to myself. The majority of this time will be spent working on my lavender business and finishing my second Masters (I graduate in August!), but I do want to spend a bit of time on Spoofy Randomness. My first goal is to make a new edition of A (Not So) Brief History of Road Signs in Lincoln. This version will be published in some sort of digital book form that will be able to be purchased (fairly cheaply). Following that, I want to convert my other works to digital book form. SR: Baloney will be the easiest, and I would probably throw in a bonus story or two. SR: On the Origin of Santa Claus would be split into four volumes, and SR: Not on a Camel would be split into two.

Oh, and I got rid of my Twitter once gasoline got thrown on that dumpster fire. I don’t really miss it, other than interactions with other cartoonists and a few friends that aren’t on Facebook.

*named after the character from To Kill A Mockingbird, not because of my Scouting background. My wife really did have to convince me that it was a good idea to name her that! Her name has really grown on me now.