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Proposed Changes

Where do we begin?  N-66 is currently in four chunks, one of which is separated by a measly 0.13 mile.  Let’s focus on connecting these first, starting from the east.  Louisville is the location of the aforementioned gap; it appears the reason why this gap exists is because of the railroad tracks.  I propose four options to solve this.  One is simply to route N-66 across the tracks at 3rd Street.  It makes things a bit kinky, but at least it makes more sense than what they’ve got and is the cheapest option.  Option two is to construct a railroad crossing along 5th Street to directly connect the two highways.  Along that train of thought (pardon the pun), another option is to construct a viaduct over the tracks.  Given the close proximity to structures on either side, this could be difficult, not to mention expensive.  A tunnel is likely not an option due to Mill Creek.  The final option is to avoid the whole situation and build a bypass along the south side that would connect with N-66 where it intersects N-50 south of Louisville.

The second gap occurs between U.S. 77 and N-79.  Interestingly, this gap used to be wider, but for unknown reasons N-66 was extended from Ashland, routed along N-63’s original alignment in 2005.  My solution would be to restore N-63 and route N-66 concurrently to Ashland Road, where it would divert west.  This route is already paved, and takes a mile jog north at 11 Road up to A Road.  It crosses U.S. 77 at this point in Ceresco and continues as a paved road through to N-79.  A short one-mile concurrency north and N-66 is connected even more!  This would be a very inexpensive change, as the route is already there and should only require minor upgrading, if at all.

The final gap is the longest of all, extending between N-15 and U.S. 81.  Interestingly, both ends of N-66 are directly horizontal from each other.  I recommend simply extending N-66 across this gap.  This route will require paving west of Ulysses (and would replace L-12C), but short of routing it nine miles to the north and running concurrently with N-92 across the gap I do not see another option.

Another change that I will advise (and this may actually be under consideration; I do not know what the plan currently is) is to route N-66 through Plattsmouth along U.S. 34; Iowa has I-66 open, so this could extend all the way to I-29.  Once the new bridge opens north of Plattsmouth, U.S. 34 will be routed along that new highway, and it makes sense to extend N-66 along the old path.

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Strangely enough, I have been on every segment at some point.

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