Ref: Jorocks and Holly

This comic is probably my favorite of this story arc, so it gets a panel-by-panel explanation. In the first panel, Nikki knows about Percy’s mad science and will put up with it, but she does worry that he will hurt himself. Panel two does not show all of the band members; there are two more. I have several friends who play in various bands, so this is a tribute to them. This might also have some significance in the future… Also, although it is hard to see, all of the band members are wearing Stein Auf shirts. Panel three was a tribute to the origins of Jorocks. He originally was modeled after one of my best friends (by the time the comic started, I had made an effort to separate his character, though). My friend used to work at The Quilted Kitty, a quilt store. Not the most manly of jobs… Admittedly, he was their computer technician and the company is owned by family friends, but it still provided us with a plethora of jokes to heckle him with. Thus, Jorocks wound up in a flower shop (plus he’s fun to draw with flowers). And finally, the reference to Holly is something that was brought up back in the early days of Spoofy Randomness, but never was touched on since. I figured it was time to mention it again.

Also, the quote is from a close friend of mine. There are several meanings that can be attached to it (we had a long discussion about what it means at one point). To me, it means that if someone can see the humor in life, they will get more out of it. What do you think? Drop me an e-mail at or post on the Facebook fan page!

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~