Ref: Acquiring technology

This comic serves as a couple reminders as well as talking about Percy’s summer. For one thing, Jorocks is still in the room, despite being off-panel for the past two weeks. For another, it is a reminder that Jorocks (and Chris) do not know about the alien technology or what Ichabod really is. And finally, it reaffirms that Percy, despite realizing that not every chemical reaction results in explosives, really loves making things go boom.

This comic had several minor glitches in production. Jorocks was drawn too small and too high, so he had to be enlarged and I had to draw his fedora with a computer mouse (believe me, that turned out well given past experiments). I also accidentally flipped panels 1 and 2. Whoops. On the plus side, we now have a Google Sketch-Up of the Whitebucket house (with an updated look), and I’m getting much better at it!

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~