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And we’re finally off to Russia!

Couple of fun notes about this strip. First, the obvious: After nearly three and a half years, Spoofy Randomness finally has SPEECH BUBBLES!  This is another vital step in bringing you color comics (which I hope to begin as early as the next story arc).  That was my biggest complaint with my previous attempt at a color arc (color was discontinued at the time due to time constraints).  The other thing isn’t quite as noticeable, but I did buy some blue pencils and bristol board.  It’s been a while since I hand-inked comics and I am a bit rusty, so a bit of patience please.  Also realizing that I need to use a lighter pen weight…  Anyway, this has a couple advantages.  I enjoy drawing by hand MUCH more than on the computer (even if computer errors are easier to fix), and I’m faster at it.  The faster I can make comics = the more likely I will eventually start coloring again.  You’ll remember that I used to hand-ink before, but I used regular pencil and editing out smudges was a PAIN.  So yeah, there’s your behind-the-scenes look at Spoofy Randomness!