Ref: TWO YEARS, BABY! | Gosh, hasn’t my art gotten better? | Deadly Invention

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPOOFY RANDOMNESS! Two years ago, the first comic aired! What started off as mostly a joke and a personal challenge to myself to draw better (I haven’t taken art since elementary school), I doubted if it would last even two months. And here we are, two years later! With regular updates…yeah…

Okay, so the past four weeks… I had to send my computer back to Circuit City, then got internet from Windstream while I was using my school computer. Windstream really torked me off with poor service, then they cut off my internet after 5 days and refused to tell me why after multiple phone calls, so I promptly cut off any business with them. It took me three weeks to finally get internet installed in my apartment (went through Time Warner, if anyone cares), then my mouse died. SO… Over a month later, HERE WE ARE. Due to time constraints, I have changed the update schedule to Wednesdays only.

Now, this comic. I tried a new way of editing that basically combines the steps of inking and editing together…and took twice as long. I’m going to try it for a little longer to see if I can get used to it, but it may be out before long. However, look back to two years ago and compare my artwork from now and then. WOW. I was very happy with this strip when I drew it.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~