Hey all, been a while since I put a news post up! Just thought I’d let you know a few things coming up for Spoofy Randomness.

Firstly, I will be participating in #AdventureApril.  I’ve already been working on getting some sketches done for this in advance, and it’s been fun to try a different drawing style and different settings. So expect almost-daily sketchbooks starting on March 31 (because that’s when #AdventureAPRIL starts, for some reason).  Almost-daily, because the website does allow for multiple posts in a day but doesn’t like it much (and it decreases visibility for the main comic).

Secondly, I don’t know that the regular comics will be posted on time in the next two weeks. Meagan is coming to visit, so comic time will obviously be limited.  But as usual, I’ll backfill as needed. Thank you for your patience.

Thirdly, once Meagan heads home I intend to work on the publicity for SR: NoaC, something that I have been sorely lacking on. This also includes cleaning up the website a bit (like making sure the character boxes beneath the comic actually have PICTURES).  If you know of things that need updating, let me know!

And finally, I would really love your support on Patreon! As I push out more content and publicity in the coming month, I’m hoping to get supporters to get that snowball rolling.

Thanks for reading about my adventures!