So as you probably noticed, today’s comic was in black and white.  That’s not supposed to happen.  I’m having a couple technical difficulties interfering with comic-making.  Problem #1 is that I use a Logitech mouse.  Since upgrading to OSX Maverick, it has been a little touchy and won’t always drag what needs to be dragged.  This is a pain, but workable.  However, I ALSO have the problem of GIMP (my art program) crashing on me unexpectedly and frequently.  As you might imagine, this significantly delays comic production and turns making comics from a fun hobby to a pain in my butt.  The last few weeks have been very scattered in updates because of this, and that’s why there are no backgrounds or color in today’s strip.

SO, that’s where I’m at.  As we just reached the end of The Featherhead, it is a good time to put the comic on hiatus until I can get this sorted out/new drivers come out.  I don’t plan on being idle during this time; I will draw twice as many comics with the intent of editing and updating twice a week once I get my tech to cooperate.