So first of all, I’d like to thank Brianna for her help in getting the aforementioned GIMP issue fixed. That was a big help.  Turns out it was pretty simple; the version of GIMP that I had didn’t play nicely with OSX Maverick, which I had just installed.  Easy fix…if you realize that’s the problem!

The lack of comic today, however, has little to do with these technical problems.  It turns out that in making the comic (which was done ahead of time!), I realized I had come down with a severe case of nincompoopitis and accidentally skipped a week! Given that I had already made plans for today, I didn’t get a chance to rectify my error on time.  Today’s comic IS inked and will hopefully be posted in the next day or two once I color it.  The good news is that next week’s comic is already done!