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Proposed Changes

Another segmented highway, N-62 has a gap between N-105 and U.S. 75.  As there is no decent road to connect the two, I propose to completely eliminate the problem by routing N-4 north along U.S. 75 and replacing the eastern segment.  This is a cheap option that only requires a change in signage.  The other option would be to pave 721 Road and extend N-62 across the gap and south along U.S. 75 to connect the two, but the area does not have enough traffic to merit this.

I suppose that the eastern segment could simply be changed to L-74A, as it does not connect to any highways other than at its termini.  This would give Richardson County its only link, spur, or recreation highway; however, I prefer to extend N-4.

Bucket List Status

I have traveled both segments.

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