Ref: Elevator (or lack thereof) | One of the many bunk comics

It’s about time the little guy caught a break!

This week is the fourth anniversary of the comic (Saturday being the actual date).  This also, as previously noted, is the first year where I have really been serious about making webcomics. It certainly won’t replace my real job, but I have been advertising and the like in order to boost my readership and I am considering a Kickstarter next summer for the first Spoofy randomness book. As a result, I have been getting new readers, and the first thought of a new reader when realizing an established comic is “YIKES! I don’t wanna read all that!”  (This is why I have yet to finish reading Order of the Stick.) Well, fear not! This week Spoofy Randomness will update EVERY DAY, featuring a recap of everything that has happened in the last four years of drawing.  It will be…unusual. *laughs evilly*