This is the comic that I mentioned on Twitter a while ago about how I was getting a real Lit Brick vibe from this script. While many comics make parodies of famous literature, it was the “Devil Went Down to Georgia” musical reference that really drove home the Lit Brick vibe.  I threw that in there at first as a mildly funny joke, but then I realized while finishing up this comic that the main character in the song and our favorite Commie-hater share the same name.  (Reference just in case no one has heard this song, or for those of you who now want to listen to it as a result of this comic).

Not to toot my own horn too much, but I felt that Panel 3 shows that I’m starting to get the hang of comedic timing.  Also, Ichabod’s safety glasses were a last-minute addition that cracks me up.  A white lab is really contrasting with John’s darkened house, but I tried to offset it by showing more window.  Also, tried a new hairstyle for Nikki, as long hair and labs don’t mix.  As one of my students eloquently put on their safety quiz: “Fire + Hair = No hair”