Ref: Elf Clones | Allowing Emotions

The problem with drawing a comic that often strays into sci-fi is that it tends to require a lot of exposition.  I really honed down the script, but even so it tends to get very text-happy.  Updating once a week doesn’t help.

There are FOUR references to a previous unfinished work of mine, Magical Minds.  This was a story I started writing but never could finish it and now I don’t have time to even think about trying.  The dorm, Mulinix Hall, has often featured (especially the Tower Room); Mulinix Machines was the antagonistic company in my story.  The town of Greenpath (reference #5?) in Magical Minds was founded by a man by the name of Goodshow, which is the (slightly obscured) name of the math and science building at Edona.  Ichabod himself greatly resembles the cat Snowball in Magical Minds, and the issue of cloning rights played a central role in Crystal Brown’s character, as she was a clone.  Not sure why I felt that wave of nostalgia when making this comic, but there you go.

Also, this is not my first time making reference to the first webcomic I ever read, but it still amused me.