The third of the series I drew for Dumb Pokémon Comics!

In theory, this could work. To expand on yesterday’s commentary, I tend to be opposed to crack theories that are disproved by canon (seriously guys, Venonat DOES NOT evolve into Butterfree, even if they look slightly similar). Theories such as this one, with semi-scientific backing… I will not claim it to be canon, but I will point out that it could be viable if spin-offs crossed. And then I’ll shut up about it.

Anyway, now you know how I got my Togepi! Also, cameo by Chris with his Chikorita that he has been shown with once before (ten points if you can name when without looking). There’s some truth to panel 4; when Louis and other people were starting up this whole partner Pokémon thing, I started thinking about what I would want. Being the two-time champion of the unofficial Omaha tournaments and a fairly competitive player, I was thinking something pretty cool. Next thing I know however, Louis has drawn me getting a cupcake smashed in my face by Togetic (who happened to be on my team as HGSS had just come out). It stuck, so now I have a Togetic. ^.^ The rest of my team will be revealed Friday (no joke).

Also, I would like to point out that I haven’t had a goatee for a few years now. Thank goodness.