Continuing my story arc that I drew for Dumb Pokémon Comics!

I’m not a big fan of most spin-off media from the main series (the anime, Pinball, etc.), but there are two things that I will give credit to. One is the GameCube games, in particular Colosseum (kinda of a semi-spin-off, as they can still interact with the GBA games…), and the other is Ranger. I get WAY too addicted to the Ranger games. Anyway, my character here has traveled the Pokemon world to work his way up to Pokemon Master, as well as being a Top Ranger, two accomplishments I have succeeded in myself. I happened to notice that the Capture Styler, at least in theory, does very much the same function as purification. So will this work? Find out tomorrow! Looker is in the background because if someone is locking away the hearts of Pokemon, I would hope the International Police would get involved.
In addition, this comic gives the basic rules for Partner Pokemon in college. Freshmen get one, sophomores get two, etc. This is a flashback to my freshman year. I’ll reveal my four partners at the end.