So, you’ve probably noticed that the comic hasn’t updated in three weeks.  This is partially because I’ve been busy and traveling and whatnot, but moreso because I’ve really burnt out on the comic.  Oddly, for being someone who has been making comics for nearly ten years (!), drawing has never really been my thing and it does take considerable effort for me to make comics.  I do love telling stories and I love webcomics, so during most of the runs of On the Origin of Santa Claus and Not on a Camel, seeing my own stories in comic form has made up for it. But with Project Wonderful going under, reader engagement not being very high in the comments section or on social media, and my own Patreon being a flop (which, along with PW going down, also means that I’m losing money by making this comic), my motivation is about at low as it was at the end of OtOoSC, and it’s hard to bring myself to draw it when it takes away from time to socialize with friends and other projects that I enjoy more to work on (currently updating the 22nd of 93 counties in Nebraska on OpenStreetMap).

I’m not calling it quits just yet, but I need some time to mull over the comic and what I want to do with it.  I may go to a monthly update schedule for now.  I still have more material to present, and I do want to share it with you.  I just need a break from drawing.

Thank you to those who have expressed your support for my comic!